What Does A Six-Time World Champ’s Meal Plan Look Like?


Have you ever wondered what the world’s best surfers have on their daily meal plan? Is it really important to avoid starched flours and go for mulled grains? Will Kelly Slater’s bullet coffee work for the average surfer?

While there are tons of information about surfer diet and nutrition, you would probably be interested in knowing what a six-time world champion like Stephanie Gilmore has on her daily meal plan. Steph, a veteran surfer who has nothing more to prove, shares her secret nutritional information in her recent interview with Husskie.

Steph Gilmore | Photo Credit: WSL

Of course knowing her secret diet does not guarantee that anyone who follows it will win a World Title, a Championship Tour event or even a Qualifying Series event. It is also not guaranteed that it can enable anyone to surf with the same flow, grace, elegance and skill that the World Champ has, but it can help broaden your options when it comes to surfing nutrition.

Here’s what Steph’s One-day Meal Plan looks like:

Steph starts her day with a smoothie, banana, coconut water, dates and similar food items.
After a morning surf, she would have eggs and avocado on sourdough or with quinoa.
She also loves a small, double shot cappuccino in the morning.

Eggs and Avocado on Sourdough Toast | Photo Credit: homecookingmemories

Steph prefers salad with protein, something that’s fresh and colorful.

Salad with Protein | Photo Credit: cookdiary

For the last meal of the day, Steph goes for sautéed veggies, rice, and a nice piece of freshly seasoned salmon.
She usually prefers a glass of red wine or dark chocolate at night.

Veggies and Salmon | Photo Credit: theaposition

Between Meals:
She snacks throughout the day with nuts and yoghurt or crudités and hummus.

In a nutshell, Steph always strives for balance whenever she decides on what to eat. It’s all a mix of blended greens, assorted fruits, some protein, some metabolism-boosting food items, and the occasional pleasures like chocolate or wine in moderate servings. It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Steph Gilmore Surfing in a WSL Event | Photo Credit: WSL

If you keep up this kind of meal plan and avoid fast food meals, then you can expect a healthier body that has the strength needed for better surfing. If you wish to dig in further and want to know more about surfer nutrition, see this guide on what to eat when surfing.

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