Vouch Small Vish Review

What the Vouch Surf site says about the Small Vish:

‘The fish resurgence is here!

For some silly reason, the fish went away for a while, could have been because last time around people were shaping these things around 6’6”. Let’s not forget the fish was spawned from a kneeboard so wants to be ridden as short as possible to really get the feeling it’s supposed to have. It will wreck your back and may even wreck your surfing, but as long as you’re having fun who cares right?

These things are crazy fast and love some nice flowing surfing. Big turns are no problem and you’ll probably never find a better board for the tube, what more is there to say?’



Image Source: vouchsurf.com

Image Source: vouchsurf.com

What people are saying about it:

My brain exploded upon seeing the new Vouch ‘Vish’ shape. This board is amazeballs.” – user surfanimal on Sea Breeze

A super smooth outline and constant curve throughout, the Vish will handle any type of wave and will have you gliding over anything and everything.” – Gum Tree

Size Chart:

Lengths from 4’10” to 5’6”

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