Vouch Daily Double Review

What the Vouch Surf site says about the Daily Double:

‘The Daily Double is exactly how it sounds, a double ender design which can be used as your daily driver.

Comes with our standard hull rocker, which is flat out the tail and slight flip through the front 1/3.

This board has been modified over the last year and is now ready for use in whatever waves you choose to take it out in. As with all our designs, this board loves a nice, shoulder high, lined up point break, but definitely isn’t limited to only that.

Super fast, loose and even allows noserides in steep pockets, this has become our favorite ride.’



Image Source: vouchsurf.com

Image Source: vouchsurf.com

What people are saying about it:

The Daily Double is a versatile mid length surfboard with a double ended design. It has Vouch’s standard hull rocker that is flat through the tail with nose rocker flipped through the front 3rd of the board. Originally suited to shoulder high point breaks, the Daily Double has been freshly modified for 2015 to make it more versatile in more wave conditions. A really fast and loose board that will handle steep stuff, weak stuff, noseriding, whatever you want to do with it… do it because you can!” – Down The Line

Size Chart:

Lengths from 7’0” to 8’0”

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