Stewart Steamroller Review

What the Stewart Surfboards site says about the Steamroller:

‘The new Stewart Steamroller screams classic sixties style.
From the clean competition band graphics, to the extra heavy construction. This is the perfect board for the surfer who spends their time at lined up point breaks, because of it’s weight and its straight flat rocker.

The Steamroller is built with a heavier poly foam blank that has a 1/2″ basswood stringer. It’s purposefully glassed heavy with a double 8oz deck and double 6oz bottom. Steamrollers come in 9 ft. , 9.5 ft. and 10 ft. lengths.

Finishing it all off, Bill Stewart has designed a beautiful custom 9.25″ fin that compliments the Steamrollers shape and color work.’

Image Source : Stewart Surfboards

Image Source : Stewart Surfboards

Image Source : Stewart Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“Rides as smooth as silk. Catch knee-high waves and ride on cruise control!” – User Boca Surf And Sail on Facebook.

“It’s a sweet ride!” – User Jon Meadows on Facebook

“Good board!!!” – User George SuperGeorge TW on Facebook

“Clean shape!” – User CHRISRUDDYSURF on Instagram

Sizes Available:

9’ – 23” – 3”
9’6” – 23 1/2”- 3 1/4”
10’0″ – 24″ – 3 3/8″

Here are videos we found of the Stewart Surfboards Steamroller:

Here are Instagram pictures we found:



Have you tried some cross steps and noserides on a Stewart Surfboards Steamroller? Share your experience with us!

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