Sharp Eye MF Review

What the Sharp Eye Surfboards site says about the MF:

‘Made to rip!
The MF is not a retro design. It was created for high performance small wave surfing. The bottom was updated to allow tighter turns and it has a low entry rocker and triple concave bottom. The deck is flat and the rails are full. It can be order with five fins set up, which is recommended to get the most out of this versatile shape.’

Image Source: Sharp Eye Surfboards

Image Source:

Image Source: Sharp Eye Surfboards Australia

23.9 - 42.6 LVolume
1-6ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“TheMF is a fuller outlined board that has been made for performance surfing in good everyday waves. With a low entry rocker and a triple concave, this board can really move across flatter sections. The MF is best for high performance surfing in smaller waves. Grab it as a five fin setup to ensure you get maximum versatility out of this unique shape.” –

“Beautiful thing.” – User luciowengrover on Instagram

Size Chart:

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Here are Instagram pictures we found of the Sharp Eye Surfboards MF:






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