Sharp Eye Disco Tech Review

What the Sharp Eye Surfboards site says about the Disco Tech:

‘This is our newest addition to the Disco family. It has the same features as the popular Disco with some changes in the tail area. We changed the tail outline for a double wing and ended it with a square edge swallow. That generated a board that turns in a very tight radius allowing more turns per wave in small waves.We also carved a single channel right at the end to increase hold and control.These new changes plus the proven rocker and foil of the original Disco will push the bar on small wave high performance surfing. It should be ordered 1 to 2 inches shorter than your regular short board.’

Image Source: Sharp Eye Surfboards

Image Source: Sharp Eye Surfboards

Paddle Power
Skill Level
23.5 – 38.5 LVolume
1-5ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Sharp Eye DiscoTech is best for small wave, high performance surfing. With increased hold and control, put it to the test in good, but smaller wave conditions.” –

“The Sharp Eye DiscoTech is best in small waves as a high performance surfer. Put it to the test in smaller, clean conditions with its increased hold and control.” –

“One of my best board !” – User omri18hershko on instagram

Size Chart:

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