Sharp Eye #77 Review

What the Sharp Eye Surfboards site says about the #77:

‘Model description: This is Filipe’s new model for 2017. It initially began as a tweak of the OK model that he’s been using in the better, more powerful waves on the tour. We added more nose and tail rocker coupled with a harder edge above the fins and a slightly more subtle concave through the tail. Filipe has claimed that the #77 is the fastest design he’s ever ridden.

The #77 is recommended for good punchy waves and for intermediate to experienced surfers only.

Recommended size should be the same as the surfer’s height.’

Image Source: Sharp Eye Surfboards

Image Source:

What people are saying about it:

“Good board ya.” – User adam_brasco_ on instagram

“Quality.” – User mhsurfboards on instagram

“Wowza!” – User bintangsurfcharters on Instagram

“Wow like it!” – User miramarsurfcamp on Instagram

“Cool!” – User olyakd on Instagram

Size Chart:

Here are videos we found of the Sharp Eye Surfboards #77:

Here are Instagram pictures we found:










Have you tried ripping on a Sharp Eye Surfboards #77 model? How was it like? Share your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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