Rusty Zeppelin Review

What the Rusty Surfboards site says about the Zeppelin:

‘The Zeppelin is a hybrid that really likes to fly! This board is packed with foam and float where it counts,featuring a triple concave bottom, a full outline, low entry and low tail rocker. The grab rails provide for a thinner, more positive, feeling rail that allows for smoother rail to rail transitions. Taking off now!’

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

Paddle Power
Skill Level
43.9 – 73.3 LVolume
2-8ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“Wow! I’m riding a 7-6 Zeppelin and it (really!) turns quicker than my 7-0 fish! I’m 6-3 200 pounds – and I can paddle into waves very close to as easy as my 9-6 longboard – or I can do a late takeoff and it pivots quickly down the line like my shortboard. This board just takes off – its the fastest board I’ve ever ridden – and I can beat out lots of sections. The lightweight and high performance design have helped me to really improve my surfing as my wave count is much higher, yet I can still whip around on the waves. I find this is my go-to boards nearly every day. It works great in both gutless knee high slop and well overhead powerful waves.” – David Wood on

“I have been searching for years for a shortboard that paddles like a longboard, turns on a dime and is fast. I have finally found this board in the Rusty Zeppelin. I am 6′ 2″, 265 lbs and just purchased a 7′ 4″ Rusty Zeppelin, I can confirm that it does everything they say it will plus some. If you are a big guy and want something that paddles like a dream yet allows you to generate speed and turn well, then go get yourself a Zeppelin.” – El Jefe on

“I finally transitioned from a Costco foamy and decided the Zeppelin was the board for me. I was looking for a big guy board and me being 5’8″ @185, Wil from Rusty’s Boardhouse hooked me up with the 6’8. At first I was skeptical but once I took it to the shores this thing ripped and it’s FAST! I had to get used to it my first 2 sessions out but I’m now a Rusty believer. I can’t believe the amount of people who complemented the board which made me feel even better about my purchase! I’ll be back to add to my quiver for sure.” – Neil on

“The Zepplin in all honesty wasn’t designed for the old timers or bigger lads , but for those who wanted higher volume without sacrificing performance , which is exactly why it is the perfect choice for the above.” –

Size Chart:

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