Rusty Twin Fin Review

What the Rusty Surfboards site says about the Twin Fin:

‘Rusty designed and built a Twin Fin for Josh Kerr just prior to a trip to Norcal… to say Josh loved it is putting it mildly. Starting with a template Rusty used in the 70’s & 80’s while working with Shaun Tomson as his base Rusty refined the bottom with the addition of a shallow single concave that feeds into the vee. The vee splits into a double in front of the fins and runs off the rail behind the wing. The position of the wing, the back of the fin in conjunction with the concave exiting through the wing makes for solid firm turns. The foil in the rail line is very similar to a modern performance shortboard. Don’t think of the Twin Fin as just a small wave board, Josh rode his in some pretty solid head high barrels last winter and loved it…’

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

Image Source: Realwater Sports

Image Source: Realwater Sports

Image Source: Surfers Village

Image Source: Surfers Village

What people are saying about it:

“This board is super fun to surf in a variety of conditions, the most surprising being fast hollow waves with punch. That’s the last thing you would expect from a twin fin. We surfed this board a bunch in Cape Hatteras this Fall and it handled anything waist high to well overhead. In the waist high stuff it likes a bit of push to the wave, anything above that it worked really well no matter what the wave shape.” – Realwater Sports

“Kill the middle fin! And get loose with Rusty’s newest model, a modern look at the ever classic twin fin. Apparently, the model you see here was inspired by requests from CT’er Josh Kerr and based directly off of Rusty’s archived folders from the 80s. The clean outline features a single hard wing swallow, with double concave to compliment, and the rails take after a more high performance ideology. With easy feels, smooth transitions and a refreshing sense of simplicity, this could be just the spark your quiver was looking for.” – SURFER Magazine

“It’s the most fun I’ve had surfing again in as long as I can remember. I haven’t stopped riding since I got to demo it. I have ridden it in everything from one foot onshore slop to well overhead stand up tubes. The board just gives this incredible sensation of speed and flow but not loose and slidey like most twin fins.” – Matt Keenan

“The Twin Fin tail features a hard wing which in turn gives you a very defined pivot point. With the concave through the middle of the board it adds rail rocker and allows for smooth transitions from rail to rail and the double concave through the tail adds a bit of extra grip.” – user pollywogsa on BidorBuy

“One of the most fun boards I’ve ever ridden.” – user andyyygosch on Intagram

“Favorite surfboard at the moment. thanks guys! @rustysurfboards” – user kevin_schulz on Instagram

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