Rusty Smoothie Review

What the Rusty Surfboards site says about the Smoothie:

‘The Piranha was one of our most popular designs. It was primarily built for small surf, but it ended up being a very versatile board. We have re-tooled this design with a clean, full, round pin, and are calling it the Smoothie. It has a timeless outline designed to accommodate a wide range of conditions.

The bottom starts with a slight roll in the nose transitioning to a light single through the center. This shallow single blends into a sunken double concave in front of the fins and an elevated double concave between the fins that finally ends in a double barrel vee of the tail. If you can’t appreciate the tech talk, just know that the board surfs fast & smooth.’

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“The Smoothie is one of the most versatile boards your can pull off the rack! It goes great in small stuff, but can definitely paddle and catch bigger waves too. If you’re taking a trip up the cost and can only bring one board, then this would be a great board to bring.

I have surfed a bunch of sizes; 5’4″, 5’8″, 6’0″ and they are all really fun! Don’t be afraid to go up in size to grovel on this shape or go down to ride some better waves.” – Ryan on

“The Rusty Smoothie is an extremely versatile board built for smaller surf but can handle most everyday conditions” –

“Just took the 5’10” Smoothie for a surf and was totally blown away! The smoothie surpassed all my expectations, it is an incredibly efficient paddler thanks to the outline, entry rocker, and volume. I particularly liked the entry rocker on this board, it is extremely efficient and fairly low rocker, but I was still able to push the board way up under my chest without having the nose pearl. This meant even more of my body was up on the board, which reduced drag and helped me paddle into waves just as easily as my grovel board.

My first impression of the Smoothie was that it would fit in a similar category to the …Lost Quiver Killer, the Roberts Meat Cleaver, and the Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto. While I think the Smoothie easily handles the same wave range as these other boards, it is quite a different feel thanks to the bottom contours. The flat entry combined with a relatively shallow single-to-double concave really makes the board stick to the surface of the water, helping you over the ledge when you’re catching a wave and keeping the board down on the surface even when the waves are choppy or you’re moving at high speeds.

I am 180 lbs 6’2″, advanced surfer but fairly heavy footed; usually in small waves I like to surf some type of hybrid and only hop on a HPSB once the waves are pumping. My Daily Driver shortboards are 31L, my groveler is 34.5L. I surfed the 5’10” Smoothie (33.2L) in 2-3ft beach break in slightly messy, onshore conditions. Even with about a liter less volume and more outline curve than my groveler, I felt like the paddling was equally as efficient on the Smoothie.

I really liked how the Smoothie mowed through the chop with the shallow bottom contours and didn’t feel as bouncy in the chop as boards with deeper concaves. The entry rocker and bottom contours seemed to suck you down into the wave once you got started paddling, making it easy to pick off tons of waves despite the weaker surf. Once in the wave, the Smoothie could be surfed with a cruisey style with the feet closer together, or in a more aggressive stance driving off the tail and cracking turns off the top. This board will work great as a daily driver, picking up right at the thigh high zone where your groveler leaves off, and carrying you well into overhead surf. SMOOTHIE FOR THE WIN!!” – Chris Stellato on

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