Rusty Chew Toy Review

What the Rusty Surfboards site says about the Chew Toy:

‘We consider the Chew Toy to be the ideal “step-up groveler or hybrid”, as it will handle a much broader range of waves and conditions than most other boards in those categories. Derived from our long time favorite “Piranha”, The Chew Toy features a few modern tweaks to improve the performance and versatility’

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“The board is incredible. My last board wasn’t very good at weak mushy beach breaks but the chew toy worked very good. It drives very fast through sections and you could go vertical also.” – JuanCa on

“I’m 6’2, 180lbs, my Chewtoy is 6’2 at 35.4L. Because the board is EPS it’s very floaty. The float along with the user friendly outline with the wide point forward make this board a great paddler. The ease of the paddle means you’re catching more waves. And when you’re up and riding, this board is very light, and you can throw it around. This board generates a tremendous amount of speed down the line, and it turns really well. I’ve ridden a few other boards made from alternative materials that felt weird to me (firewires), but the chew-toy didn’t feel weird at all. Felt comfortable on it the first surf. I also own a Rusty Dwart and would say the boards are comparable in that If you’re looking for a fun board that covers a wide range of waves, paddle’s well, and get’s into waves easy, this is your board. The price tag is steep though.” – Jason Landau on

“Overall, the Chew Toy is a very accessible approach to hybrid high performance. The wave range on the Chew Toy starts at ankle to shin high for advanced surfers and goes up to head high plus. Intermediates and below will like surfing the Chew Toy in thigh high surf and above. Rusty calls it a “small wave board”, but this is on a global fantasy scale, not a real world scale. The Chew Toy will easily hold in up to solid head high mainland surf. The thinner rails really help with control and hold bigger surf. It’s not super wide or super flat, so there will be boards with better static glide in the super small stuff, both overall the Chew Toy works through a very wide range of every day conditions, making it a great go to hybrid shape.” –

“The Chew Toy by Rusty Surfboards is designed for Groveling on those less than average days.

The hybrid nose makes it ideal for paddling and the fuller outline will get you through the mushy sections. The board construction fits the small wave board criteria with an EPS Core so it’s super light weight, more durable, and has better flotation than your regular PU/ Poly boards.

This board is designed for progressive pocket surfing with it’s low to mid exit rocker which will help you get the traction off the bottom and in your turns.

As I rode the Chew Toy I struggled finding the gas pedal even though I tried 6 different types of fins. From a thruster set up to a Twin Fin Set up with a small trailer. As a thruster I could not find the speed I was looking for, and the Twin Fin set up with the small trailer had the speed but I could not get the traction I needed off the top for this board design.” – Noel Salas of Surf n Show Reviews

“I own this board, and it’s super fun. It’s light, you can really whip it around. And because it’s epoxy it’s floaty and due to the wide nose it paddles really well. Best of all worlds, a good paddler, and very maneuverable. I would recommend. I’ve never owned a bad Rusty, all his boards just work.” – User Offthe Lip on Youtube

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