Rusty Barking Spider Review

What the Rusty website says about the Barking Spider:

‘The Barking Spider is a hybrid short board combining the outline and high volume of the Hustler with the performance rail and rocker of the Yes Thanks, making it Clint’s go-to in waist to overhead surf. The pronounced double concave under the rider’s feet creates smooth and effortless rail-to-rail transitions.

Adding a subtle hip in the outline and a sharp, shallow swallowtail allows you to snap off a turn anywhere you want on a wave. Together this combination makes it an ideal board in waist to overhead surf!’

Ideal Wave: Ankle to double overhead

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What people are saying about it:

“Clint’s go-to in waist to overhead surf.” – Rusty Preisendorfer

“Can’t get enough of the epoxy Barking Spider” – user bluespivey_ on Instagram

“We were able to surf this board in Puerto Rico and Cape Hatteras in a variety of reef and sand bottom beach break waves, from waist high up to a foot or so overhead. The Barking Spider is a great paddler with its sleek outline, full volume and flattish deck profile. Once up on the wave, this board has a lot of drive down the line, which helps in making sections that you can’t on some boards due to them having more rocker or wider outlines. The performance rail sets in nicely on bigger waves and faster speeds. The rocker is conservative (which helps with the drive), but there is a nice flip out the back on each swallow tail rail which helps the board crank hard off the apex of the turn.” –

“My new favorite model The Barking Spider” – user bluespivey_ on Instagram

“Nice! My Epoxy Barking Spider has been my go to since getting it two months back.” – user chasetmp on Instagram

Size Chart:

Here is a video of the Rusty Barking Spider:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

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