Robert August RA Retro Longboard Review

What the Robert August site says about the RA Retro Longboard:

‘The RA “Retro” Model embodies our version of “old school” log riding. Perfect for your San Onofre days, cruising and nose riding. Volan glass job with deck patches and resin work give that old school weight and feel. Layered wood tail block is standard for this classic shape.’

Image Source: Robert August

Image Source: Robert August

Image Source: Robert August

What people are saying about it:

“Resin swirls and tints, opaque pigments and pin lines, wood stringers and tail blocks, all wrapped around a classic longboard design. When it comes to representing every ‘retro’ cliché in one object, we said, “Go for it! It’s a board what rides great and looks good doing it.” – Surfline

“I have a 9 foot six inch longboard made by Robert August and its awesome.” – user Big Dev on Silverfish Longboarding

Sizes available:


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Here is an Instagram picture we found:


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