Redback Surf Quintet 6 Review

What the Redback Surf site says about the Quintet 6:

“The only low impact short board range with a 5 fin box setout

The Revolutionary Technology Series dramatically improves board stiffness and prevents unwanted flexing when paddling & riding on the wave face.

Refined Hi-Performance Shape. The latest in moulding technology allows for a superior surfboard shape with hand shaped progressive rails, improved rocker and a thinner overall profile. This board has speed to burn and turning abilities which rival that of a fibreglass board. IXPE deck, slick bottom, Revolution Series technology, 5 fin setup, leash plug. No leash. Features two laminated stringers for extra strength & stiffness through the core of the board. Choice of 2 colours.”


Image Source: Tracks Magazine


Image Source: Bronte Boards

Image Source: Redback Surf Australia

Image Source: Redback Surf Australia

What people are saying about the Quintet 6:

“The Redback paddles like a demon, you could probably paddle the Molokai race on this thing. I caught every wave I even looked at. While it paddled like a long board, it surfed small. It had good amounts of speed and was stable yet loose. I look forward to running over some people in the flags on it one day.” – Cahlil on Tracks Magazine

“Box foam rails with a Slick Top. Nice even rocker with a little kick in the tail also. Deep through the chest. Easy to catch waves. Option to ride it in 5 fins. Slick bottom with noticeable concave. Similar volume and thickness through the whole board giving it glide and stability. Certainly a fun option for small playful surf.” – Brett on Tracks Magazine

Size Chart:

We didn’t find videos for the Quintet 6, but here are some photos of it from Instagram:





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