Pyzel Tow Quad Review

What the Pyzel Surfboards site says about the Tow Quad:

‘When Mark Healey asked us to make his tow board awhile back, we knew exactly what he was going to do- ride the world’s biggest, gnarliest, heavy waves! And that’s what happened.

Now, you can get the same design he relies on, custom made for whatever size waves you are ready to ride.

We recommend quads for the speed, holding power and drive that you need to deal with all that water.

We make them short with a straight outline that makes them feel solid, but still highly responsive for smaller days. All boards include extra heavy glassing, one solid color, and inserts for foot straps.’

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What people are saying about it:

The tow by Pyzel, foot strap inserts, quad fin, could be a fun board just to have.” – user surfin on Swell

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Here is a video we found of the Pyzel Tow Quad:

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