Pyzel Shortcut Review

What the Pyzel Surfboards site says about the Shortcut:

‘The ShortCut started as a NextStep, which we chopped 4″ off the nose, blending in a nice forward wide-point outline for drive, lowered the entry rocker for good paddling and speed, and left a bit of thickness through the front for flotation.

We also widened up the tail a touch and kept it nice and round so it has a lively feel to it.

You end up with a fast, steady feeling board, but the shorter sizes allow you to draw tight arcs and change your line in the barrel easily.

The solid paddle power lets you get in early, and it will drive down the line. It’s especially fast as a quad.

A very versatile board that will surprise you in bigger waves, works well in all kinds of waves and for all levels of surfer. Get the 5-fin for max fun.’



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What people are saying about it:

The Pyzel Short Cut paddles well, catches waves very easily and can be ridden short in length, which makes it fit nicely into tight places on rounder shaped surf.” – Real Watersports

High performance surfing the Pyzel Shortcut is fast and steady but can still draw tight arcs in the pocket of the wave. The round tail and extra volume in the front makes this board perfect for your barrel riding. Works in all types of waves. A 5 fin setup is recommended, to switch between quad and thruster depending on the waves.” – Boardcave

Looks like it will go well in a punch curvy waves. Looks like it has a healthy amount of nose rocker.” – user jp30surf on Surfer Mag

This board is your in between surfboard, a slight concave throughout with a low rocker for gliding through fat sections, you can surf this board chest high to 6ft. A wide tail for ease of movement or blowing the tail, this board is suitable from intermediate to advanced! Another great stick from the Pyzel range!” – Tradewind Surf

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