Pyzel Rip Off Review

What the Pyzel Surfboards site says about the Rip Off:

‘A super fun small wave board!

Designed with a very deep single concave through the entire bottom, flatter nose rocker and lots of tail lift for quick turning.

The concave flattens out the stringer rocker for speed, and leaves lots of curve in the outline rocker. This makes it fast to get going, but ultra loose and snappy too!

The fuller nose and wider outline add to its speed and keep it flowing in smaller, weaker waves.

It also has extra volume due to a flat deck and fuller rails, so we suggest that you order it about 1/8″ under your normal thickness. A high performance board for all kinds of conditions, order the Rip Off about 4-6″ shorter, and 3/4″ to 1″ wider than your everyday shortboard.’



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What people are saying about it:

The Ripoff by Pyzel is a great small-wave board that is suited to mushy beach breaks, as well as normal reef and point breaks. With a fuller nose and wider outline, this extra volume board should be ridden 1/8″ less than your normal thickness and 4-6″ shorter than your normal shortboard.” – Boardcave

I just found this board and I really like it. Exactly my dimensions, kind of a width but a little bit more hip.” – user HugoEgon on Surfer Mag

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