Pyzel Rat Skull Review

What the Pyzel Surfboards site says about the Rat Skull:

‘The Rat Skull was designed with a few things in mind- getting you into the water on even the small crappy days and making you super stoked that you paddled out!

Super short, flat and chunky, the Rat Skull paddles great, creates speed effortlessly, flies through the weakest sections and still snaps and carves.

The bottom has a little vee in the nose, running into double concave and solid vee out the tail.

The double concave through most of the bottom helps to create speed, while still letting the board roll rail-to-rail with ease. Ride this board about 6” – 8” shorter, 1 1/2”- 2” wider and 1/8” thicker than your shortboard.

Comes standard as a five fin setup.’



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What people are saying about it:

The Rat Skull’s flatter rocker and wider nose (combined with a not so wide outline) allow it to slip through the water efficiently when paddling and catching waves. The added paddle speed is a bonus when you’re getting into waves with not too much power of their own, as you start out of the blocks with good board speed. While the entire board is pretty flat, the tail has a touch of kick and the vee out the back puts a bit more curve along the rail back there when you need the board to turn hard quickly.” – Real Watersports

I got the rat skull 2 months ago – have been surfing it heaps around the northern beaches in Sydney. The board goes really good! super easy to catch waves and it turns really good both off the bottom and off the top. it likes both mushy and even lined up surf.” – user Dre on Compare Surfboards

The Rat Skull by Pyzel is a great option for weaker days to get you out there and surfing. Ride this board about 6-8″ shorter and 1.5-2″ wider than your normal shortboard. It also comes as a 5-fin setup as standard.” – Boardcave

The Rat Skull is a new design to perform in small wave conditions. It’s got a wide surface area for fast paddling and easy gliding through the flat sections. The bottom has little Vee in the nose, running into a double concave and solid Vee in the tail. The double concave provides heaps of speed, while the Vee will let the board surf very easy from rail to rail. The quad fin setup has proven a huge plus with this model allowing it to perform in small stuff right up to head high barrels.” – Seasick Surf

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