Nation Los Dos Review

What the Nation Manufacturing website says about the Los Dos:

‘When you’re trying to represent for all your homies in the prison yard stance…you grab a los dos and all the jaina’s grab a look. The rear deck concave lets you “lowride” your back foot and make the spiral vee bottom hit that 3 wheel motion. A Classic fish that can Pancake, side to side and all that shit. Go short and fat and make your hood proud. Comes stock with FCS twin set up or quad, Volan deck patch and one side resin color (pick your color).’

Image Source: Boardcave

Image Source: Nation Manufacturing

Image Source: Nation Manufacturing

What people are saying about it:

“Looks like fun to shape and ride @nation_mfg” – user tuttlesurfboards on Instagram

“That board is sick” – user ryanrustan on Instagram

“A great choice for an everyday groveler, Nation Surfboards the Los Dos is a great addition to your quiver.” – Boardcave

Size Chart:

Note: Also comes in custom sizes

Here’s a video of Nation’s Los Dos:

And here are Instagram pictures we found:


Do you own a Nation Los Dos? How does it ride? Share your experience below.

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