Misfit Shapes Shadow Puppet Review

What the Misfit Shapes site says about the Shadow Puppet:

‘The Shadow Puppet is our NEW squash version of our original “Shaddow” model. We’ve worked with Chris “Critter” Salisburry on redesigning a clean wave favourite. Crit wanted a similar outline but a reduction in length for more critical positioning, so this baby is even more elliptical in the outline than the Shaddow, which combined with a new squash tail option not only excels in the pocket but has release in all the right parts of the wave. The round tail option then offers extra hold in the barrel but also transitions smoothly rail to rail. The sexy update to a best selling pocket rocket. Model comes with optional 5-fin setup. Ride approx 3″ shorter, 3/4′ wider and 1/8′ thicker than regular shortboard.’

Image Source: Misfit Shapes

Image Source: Compare Surfboards

Image Source: Compare Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“A sexy, clean wave favourite from Misfit Surfboards, the Shadow Puppet is a smooth riding surfboard geared for better waves and for helping you to weave through that perfect barrel. The elliptical outline, coupled with the refined round tail offers extra hold for critical positioning.” – Compare Surfboards

“Critical performance surfing, the Shadow Puppet will light up in good surf and waves with a bit of punch. This board holds really well in barrels (especially with the round tail) and very maneuverable in the pocket with great release (especially with the squash tail). The round tail also transitions smoothly rail to rail.” – Boardcave

“It’s so beautiful.” – Kyra Saladino on Facebook

Size Chart:


Here is a video we found of the Misfit Shapes Shadow Puppet:

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