Misfit Shapes Dope Machine Review

What the Misfit Shapes site says about the Dope Machine:

‘The Dope Machine is the second installment of our collaboration series with George Hendo of a Dead Coffin Club. Fundamentally, it is the refined and more responsive little brother of collab model #1, the Sinister Kid. We have pulled the nose in and narrowed the whole outline by 1 inch for a responsive, tighter turning board that allows positioning in more critical parts of a wave. The rail volume is reduced slightly, rocker increased and bottom concave adjusted for a more lively ride. The diamond tail then gives the board a shorter rail line, so the water breaks earlier, which creates an early pivot point. A pure Dope Machine.

Ride 6 – 8″ shorter, 1″ wider and same thickness as your regular shortboard.’

Image Source: MisfitShapes

Image Source: MisfitShapes

Image Source: MisfitShapes

Image Source: MisfitShapes

Image Source: Compare Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“How does this thing ride in the water? I’ve said that I think this board excels in those weaker, slower, less powerful, wind-swell type conditions. It handles average, everyday conditions, but it doesn’t mind a nice little lined-up face as well. Some of the best waves I had on this were at a little wave just five, ten minutes up the road from me, at a little beach break, and especially in the summer, the angle of the beach gets these fantastic flatter-faced runners from those nor’east wind swells. You get these nice long lines so you can get these nice long rides out of it, and this type of board is just perfect for those conditions.” – Benny on Compare Surfboards

“I got my dope machine a couple of weeks back and it’s way better than I expected. Love it!!!” – Christiaan Van Der Merwe on YouTube

“Designed as a high performance small wave model the Misfit Dope Machine has been refined for extra response. The Dope Machine comes from a collaboration with A Dead Coffin Club, drawing influence from a mini simmons, mixing its easy surfability with high performance elements. Resulting in a banging small wave machine.” – Boardcave

“Ride as a quad or thruster, this board is a rad little ripper. Hard to find on American shores, we just got this Misfits Dope Machine straight from Australia. Be the coolest kid on the beach, before somebody else beats you to it.” – Lone Wolfs

“Tail looks sick!” – user Ho Stevie! on YouTube

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