McTavish Noserider Review

What the McTavish Surfboards site says about the Noserider:

‘In the glory days of California surfing the Noserider was the flagship, the banner carrier, the número uno. It smacked of Detroit with its extravagance of foam and stringers, of beautiful coloured resin panels and oversize fins. An elegant tanker that trimmed along like a long-stroke V8 through sloppy sections and weak walls. The classic Noserider still appeals for all the aforementioned reasons. A beautiful cruiser with all the tricks added. Take four steps or two, and hold that pose as long as you can, on tiny waves or up to waist high. Lots of board = lots of glide.’

Image Source: McTavish Surfboards

Image Source: McTavish Surfboards

Image Source: McTavish Surfboards

Image Source: McTavish Surfboards

Image Source: Trigger Bros

What people are saying about it:

“I tried a mac tavish 9’1 original and was stunned at how easy to turn it was compared to my board. But I could only get to the label by cross stepping (but this may have been my poor technique).” – user curry1curry on Magicseaweed

“A board packed full of glide and flow, reminiscent of the glory days in Cali back in the late 60’s.” – Down The Line

“This Noserider board needs no introduction, as an all time McTavish classic, this board is built to handle what ever conditions you choose to ride. Designed to give you the stability to walk the board and put your toes over the nose.” – Surf Dome

“Light concave nose make this a speedy noserider with a good ability in a wide range of surf.” – ‎Michael Rooke on Facebook

“Mctavish noserider is DOPE.” – Douglas Joseph on Facebook

“Got a proper log back in the quiver at last and got some proper logging waves today too… it’s a great board @mctavishsurf #mctavishnoserider #endofwavedrought” – user bactonreef on Instagram

“This 9’9 #noserider glides like a dream @mctavishsurf #mctavishnoserider #mctavish Picked it up last week from the factory and had some fun waves.” – user ilikebrownie on Instagram

“This board really got me into logging. This was one of the first two logs (one was Junior Ventura’s) that was being floating around in the Philippines a few years back when most Filipinos had no idea what a log was or what made heavy single fins so fun and special. Thank you @AlohaboardSports for bringing in this beautiful board. The McTavish Noserider by @MctavishSurf.” – user bujibrownlegs on Instagram

Sizes Available:

9’3” – 10’0”

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