Mark Richards Free Ride Twin Fin Review

What Mark Richards Surfboards website says about the Free Ride Twin Fin:

‘This is a limited edition signed and numbered collectors item, available only directly from Mark Richards at Richards Surf in Newcastle. It is a hand-made, exact replica of the very first MR twin fin that I rode in the classic movie Free Ride.

The Free Ride Twin Fin has the original decals, intricate deck and bottom spray, hand-made 3 coloured fins and gloss and polish finishof the original board.

This board started the multi-fin revolution and my surfing on it at Off The Wall in Hawaii completely changed the perception of high-performance surfing. Shaun Tomson states “it was the beginning of the age of acceleration”. I won the Stubbies and Bells events on this board, which set me on track to win 4 World Titles.’


  • a full pointed nose with maximum thickness carried forward;
  • a classic wing swallow tail shape which reduces tail area to give the board holding power through turns;
  • a fluted wing which adds bite and alleviates slide when turning;
  • a deep V-bottom which gets the board flowing from rail to rail.

Image Source: Mark Richards Surfboards

Image Source: Mark Richards Surfboards

Image Source: Mark Richards Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“Historically significant boards from the early years of Pro Surfing, glad you are taking care of them now” – user lukemsyd on Instagram

“That board looks too good” – user kompeas on Instagram

“I’d like a board like this to surf in bali this summer!” – user francisdrake78 on Instagram

Size Range:
Size is 6’4″ by 21″ by 2 7/8″

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