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What the JS Industries site says about the Lowdown:


The LOWDOWN was developed throughout the end of 2013 with Julian Wilson!

After speaking with Julian I decided to refine the LOWDOWN’s design to suit weaker waves then his MONSTA 3. Julian’s hard rail turns and aerials required a new approach to volume distribution, rail type and rocker.

The key element to the LOWDOWN is the volume. I’ve made the rails fuller and softer and pushed the overall volume of the board forward allowing you to generate more speed and drive from the front foot while being very forgiving through the turns. With more volume forward, the foam over the fins is reduced, increasing board sensitivity under the back foot. I also added more concave through the fin area creating more lift and also giving the tail more curve. This board is fast, loose and a great performer in less than Ideal conditions.’

Image Source: JSIndustries.com

Image Source: JSIndustries.com

Image Source: ZakSurfBoards.com

Image Source: ZakSurfBoards.com

What people are saying about it:

Purportedly designed in collaboration with Julian Wilson, the key elements of the JS Lowdown are a sensitive tail, more volume pushed up front and rails that will cut through mush.” – Ben on ComapreSurfboards.com

At Lowers I felt probably the most in control all year. I’d ride that board up to solid four foot. Beachbreaks, lefts and rights, it goes both ways, and it’s really fast. It’s just got a lot of spark in it.Exceptionally good. Lowers isn’t that much of a down-the-line wave, it’s more timing and not catching rail, rather than having to go super fast. Those JS boards worked really well, there was a bit more foam in them than what there normally is.” – Julian Wilson on StabMag.com

Developed for pros who find themselves on smallish waves, the Lowdown is a board for all skill levels. The all-white Lowdown has a softer rail than most pro boards, meaning it will glide through the water more easily. The three fins underneath provide control and stability, while a gentle concave underside directs water under your feet for maximum lift and speed.” – AskMen.com

In small mushy conditions, this is my go to board.” – Sam Paterson on slimes.com.au

This design features a fuller and softer rail , with more of the volume positioned forward in the foil of the shape. This movement of volume really helps generate more speed off your front and increases sensitivity in the tail. Thus creating a board that is fast and loose, perfect for less than ideal conditions.” – ZakSurfboards.com

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