JR Donkey Review

What the JR Surfboards website says about the Donkey:

‘The Donkey takes it’s place in Dion’s board rack as the perfect small wave, high-performance machine. While The Donny Model is built for hi-fi ripping in hi-fi waves, and the Stretch Donny is the go-to when the surf gets serious, The Donkey presents itself as your go-to, high-performance board in average, day-to-day conditions. With a single concave, boxy rails and an average-to-full rocker, The Donkey is fast, precise and built for critical surfing. These characteristics, however, are combined in a plan shape that is slightly more forgiving; compressed in length, with width added in just the right places, to ensure that your high-performance goals are not encumbered by average waves.

The Donkey is the board that will perform when the conditions don’t allow your Donny Model the speed or power to perform; The Donkey, instead, will generate this speed and power for you! It’s a great, high-performance option for the bigger surfer looking to fit more volume into a shorter rail board. As a bonus, it’s a proven, small-wave, competition machine, evidenced by Donny’s victory in the 2016 Australian Open of Surfing on this model, it provides all of the high-performance characteristics of your Donny model in sub-par conditions. Order your Donkey in our Tri-Flex Technology and really feel the fire.’

Image Source: JR Surfboards

22.9 - 36 LVolume
1 - 6ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Donkey works best in everyday conditions excelling in most conditions around 2-4ft. A great shortboard that easily generates speed and provides a great amount of forgiveness.” – Boardcave

“My favourite board meets my favourite break! :)” – user waxyfeet on Instagram

Size Chart:

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