Jim Banks Magic Carpet Review

What the Jim Banks Surfboards site says about the Magic Carpet:

‘There’s a chance that this might not be the fastest board on the planet, but it’s certainly the fastest board I’ve ever surfed. If you like pumping it down the line, building up crazy speed and whipping it off the top, then you’ll love this board.

Originally developed from the classic Steve Lis fish designs of the 70’s, this board has been severely tweaked for hi performance. A single into double concave provides the acceleration and hold for higher speed turns while the low nose rocker gives you the classic retro glide and paddle power.

While the overall feeling of the MC is a very skatey board that loves to whip quick turns off the top, it can still carve smooth mid face turns, and it’s actually a very easy board to ride. It can be ridden in any sort of surf, including barrels, but favours longer walls and excels in mushier type waves.

Available as twin keel or quad.’

Image Source: Jim Banks Custom Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“Looks sweet. Design and concept originated from Point Loma in San Diego California. I’m sure your version with your r and d is amazing, would love to try. Maybe this year in bali?” – user jeshisme on Instagram

“Sensational.” – user tributeguitarworks on Instagram

“Can’t wait for mine! So stoked!!!” – user gorilla_hands on Instagram

Size Chart:

Here is a video we found of the Jim Banks Magic Carpet:

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