Infinity Secret Weapon Review

What the Infinity Surfboards site says about the Secret Weapon:

‘It has become one of our most popular models simply because no other manufacturer has had the foresight to copy it, if you want it, you can only get it from us.

I developed this model for myself because as I grew older, heavier and busier, I felt that my thin high performance boards were just getting too hard to paddle. I still surfed as good as ever and I wanted to maintain that fast, zippy feel of a shorter board without being forced to ride a long “glide-in” board all the time. I started adding thickness to my 8’ “funboard” shape. For my weight, I found that I could make the board 3.75” thick and it would still perform fantastically, but it was so much easier to paddle and catch waves on. Now I shape the Secret Weapon from 8’ to 10’ and up to 4.25” thick for really big guys.’



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What people are saying about it:

One of the best beginner or big guy boards out there. Catches every wave but because of the thick rails don’t expect to turn it if you weigh less than 250. Make sure to get one in epoxy and Just Have Fun!” – user Churchsurfer on Surf Science

The Secret Weapon is armed with amazing wave catchability and the powerful “Cluster” tri fin set up which gives even better performance.” – Cleanline Surf

I rode a 9′ 3.75″ thick, Infinity Secret Weapon. As I got better I was able to go down in size. But it all starts with getting the right board.” –

I had one of them custom made in 8’6″. It caught waves nearly as well as the Cluster V, but it wasn’t as loose.” – user Ray F. on SWELLinfo

Tried an 8′ secret weapon demo in epoxy when searching for a shorter board for my first trip to a tropical reef break. While it was much shorter than my regular 9’6″ rad noserider, it was easy to paddle and a breeze to drop in on steeper waves. But the extreme thickness and lightweight epoxy construction made it feel too much like a cork for my 175 lb build and I could never duck dive it.” – user Zimmerman on Surf Science

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