Infinity I Heart 80’s Review

What the Infinity Surfboards site says about the I Heart 80’s:

‘An 80’s style thruster with a modern twist.

A key feature to the design is the 80’s volume distribution, with more foam from tail to nose and rail to rail.

The flat deck and low angular rail allow for maximum buoyancy while maintaining a thin, non-corky rail.

Very fast and arc-turns on a dime, with less slide-out than typical step-down designs.’

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What people are saying about it:

Today I picked up a I Heart 80’s Infinity Surfboard! It’s a groovy and very unique shape, it looks so fast. I can’t wait to get it in the water and see how it rides.” –

The I Heart 80’s board looks fun.” – user ifallalot on Surfer Mag

Concave deck and deep Vee. Open face “Arc” style turns await you, shredder!” – GrindTV

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