Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto 5 Fin Review

What the Haydenshapes site says about the Hypto Krypto 5 Fin:

‘The Hypto Krypto 5 Fin is a variation of our best selling “2014 Surfboard of the Year” Hypto Krypto tri fin model. The five fin set up allows it to be ridden as either a quad or thruster.

“For the Hypto Krypto to surf best as a quad fin, I have shifted the placement of the front and the rear fins an 1/8” up the board to allow it to surf smoothly and freely when going down the line and surfing in the pocket,” says Hayden.

Hayden’s theory with quads is to have the positioning of the rear fins quite centralized and only with half a degree tow in. This gives the board a lot of projection down the line. To compensate for that, the design of the fin has 3 degrees of splay in the base and 9 degrees in the tip which allows it to be closer to the rail line of the board. The transitional splay opens up the tips of the fin, resulting in the board surfing more freely and not tracking down the line. This combined with the Futures Scimitar foil increases the speed and drive throughout turns.

When comparing the quad fin and tri fin in this model, Hayden suggests that the tri fin surfs a little more freely and slightly less connection and the quad will feel more connected with the added drive and projection down the line. When riding it with the Haydenshapes Rear Quad fins that created specifically for HS quad designs, it still allows the surfer to still maintain the tighter arch in the pocket, which ultimately makes this board so fun to ride.’

Image Source: Haydenshapes

Image Source: Haydenshapes

What people are saying about it:

“The 5 Fin Hypto Krypto is the 2015 edition of the popular Haydenshapes 2014 Board of the Year. With the same template with volume under your chest and plenty of speed and maneuverability, you can now try it out as a quad setup. With over a year of developing the added fin boxes, this model really gives you something extra. The Tri-Quad Hypto Krypto is surfed best in either the quad or the thruster setup depending on your preference and wave conditions. In the quad setup, you get plenty of hold on the wave faced as well as plenty of lateral drive. On beach breaks when surfing as a thruster, try it with fins with plenty of pivot or on your local point break check it out with fins with some nice rake and release through your turns.” – BoardCave

“The best just got better… The Hypto Krypto has won best surfboard two years in a row, and this recent update just might seal its third win!” – Secretspot UK

“This surfboard has won many awards and has a lot of good press, this is unsurprising.” – Ian of Boardshop UK

Size Chart:

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Do you prefer a thruster or quad setup on the Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto 5 Fin? Share your thoughts with us!!

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