Gary McNeill Rasta Torus Twin Review

What the Gary McNeill site says about the Rasta Torus Twin:

‘A fish inspired version of the torus channel theory with some surprising results [and] amazing feedback. Really a leap forward in twin designs as they have amazing hold thru turns and after burner speed.’

Image Source: Boardcave

Image Source: CompareSurfboards

Image Source: CompareSurfboards

What people are saying about it:

“It was small but I felt as though I had that free loose feeling that I heard so much about in a twin but I could still control it. I think that Torus channel that runs through the board here is what the difference in surfing this board.” – Benny of CompareSurfboards

“For a little fish this board is amazing, it handles the juice, it also feels short, I think I could have easily gone a 6’0 as flying down the line would not be impacted by an extra couple of inches.” – user Drew on Boardcave

“The RTT goes really sick. It floats a lot better than it seems based on the streamlined dimensions. Personally, I was worried it wouldn’t ride enough like a fish, but so far it has felt really solid, effortless speed, clean arching maneuverability.” – user Randal on Boardcave

“For bigger steeper days when takeoffs are going to be challenging, I surf it with the Rasta twins as it is still fast but provides added hold on the drop!” – user Rabin on Boardcave

Size Chart:

 Height                   Width              Thickness            Volume

Here’s a video of the Gary McNeill Rasta Torus Twin:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:





Ever had a go with Gary McNeill’s Rasta Torus Twin? Share your experience below!

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  • Mathieu Revel

    Does this board can turn fairly tight, like tight cutback or all turns are quite wide ? the tail looks pretty wide. Curious to see if this board can go well in small beach break, a bit mushy etc…

    • Dane

      The best board I have ever ridden. Turns on a dime or you can take the long arc. Superfast. Can stay high in racey waves or really lay into bottom turns. Awesome from knee high to overhead beachies and points. Ridden it backhand on sucky 3-4ft reef breaks O/S and it surprised me how well it went. Volume is really well distributed. I am an average surfer at best, 90kg and ride the 5’10” , usually in 80-90% NSW east coast waves with Rasta Style Keels.