Firewire TJ Pro Review

What the Firewire site says about the TJ Pro:

‘FIREWIRE welcomes Taylor Jensen to our Pro team, one of the top high performance long boarders in the world and current ASP World Champion. Taylor and Dan Mann developed the TJP with slightly more aggressive bottom contours and a touch more kick in the tail than the stock 900R. The TJP will go vertical while still maximizing the fun of cruising on a longer board.’

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What people are saying about it:

“I just picked one up (TJ Pro in timbertek) and yea this board is not as easy as I thought it would be to catch waves. It paddles ok but I am definitely not catching anything I couldn’t catch on my 5-5 baked potato. The board definitely flies though and nose riding is a blast. This is my first longboard so I can’t judge it against any other longboard. I want to take it out on a big day, I bet it would be a giant slayer.

“I tried various positions on the board. Pearled when I went too far up so I just moved back in 6″ increments till I found the sweet spot. I have been able to catch some small waves on it but as you say it is a performance long board so it definitely likes a bigger punchier wave. I can do cutbacks on it easily which is a bonus and I like how quickly you can direct this board down the line from take off. I was looking for a small wave board and goofed by getting this. I prefer riding a shortboard so I doubt I would take this out on days when I can ride my spitfire or hashtag. Going to take it out when it gets too big to paddle into them on my other boards. Only problem is getting out back through 15′ closeout beach break.” – Coastandtoast on forum

“It is a high performance long board, so don’t be afraid to dig the rails on a cutback or even go for a shortboard-esque snap – with the TJ Pro, that is definitely possible!” – Josh BL on forum

“Bringing his experience and expertise to the design table, Taylor Jensen has made a perfect contest board in the Firewire TJ Pro TimberTek Surfboard. Using the input from two-time World Longboard Champion Taylor Jensen Firewire was able to create a board with slightly more aggressive bottom contours and a touch more kick in the tail than the stock 9’0 TJ Everyday. The TJ Pro will go vertical while still maximizing the fun of cruising on a longer board.” – CleanlineSurf

“If you don’t surf, don’t start! If you do, BUY THIS BOARD!” – Stormrider on

“Personally developed by Taylor himself, this board knows no limits. Thanks to the parabolic balsa wood rails, you can take monster hacks and balls to the floor bottom turns, without fear of your stick failing you in the curtain. The rapid reflex memory gives an unparralled flexibility, allowing precise and powerful maneouvers. Constructed from advanced epoxy composites, this board is a durable as it is beautiful.

However don’t be fooled by the golden glow of the bamboo deck skin and gentle looking squash tail into believing this board is tamed. East coast surfing is rarely gentle, yet this board handles it all and thrives from more. Firewire have fitted the model with a thruster fin setup on future plugs, giving you that extra stability and speed when your in the pocket trying to get bazzed. Alternatively, rip off the side bites and use as an old school single fin, to show the young upstarts how a bottom turn should be done; with style, grace, and cheeky wink as you fly past.” – Secretspot

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