Firewire Hashtag Review

What the Firewire site says about the Hashtag:

‘Come springtime, every designer’s phone starts to ring. The calls come in hot from pros looking to incorporate the best parts of their winter quivers into a board that specializes in smashing lazier waves. This year was no different and when Nev got the calls, the HASHTAG was the result.

Starting with a bit of Hellrazor DNA, Nev added volume and reduced the tail rocker giving the board more drive and squirt when the waves lose a bit of steam. The stepped round tail keeps the board feeling buttery when linking maneuvers and maximizes bite to allow for a vertical attack when desired. The HASHTAG has modest entry rocker and a mellow double concave starting near the middle of the board that deepens as it travels through the fins. This makes it super lively when surfed on rail and gives experienced surfers the tools to be aggressive in the pocket.

Look to ride the HASHTAG in a familiar performance volume in all conditions the ocean can throw at you from waist high to overhead. The added volume and eased rocker makes this board a versatile performance option for intermediate to advanced surfers.’

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Image Source: Lacanau Surf Shop

Image Source: Lacanau Surf Shop

What people are saying about it:

I ride a 6’0″ Future Fins Hashtag. This board is insanely fast and responsive… It goes really well with Stretch Quads – incredible fins with great acceleration. It also rips as a thruster, especially for top turns.” – user seakale on

The Hashtag FST Performance Hybrid Surfboard is the perfect springtime board when the waves get smaller.” – BC Surf & Sport

If you look closely, you’ll notice the step rail in the last 12 inches of rail on the Hashtag. This kind of rail helps you keep the planing surface of a tail this wide, without having as much thickness as you would normally have in the rail. That means you have a board that’s abnormally easy to tilt and sink onto a rail, given its width.” – Ho Stevie

With a flatter tail rocker and some added volume, the Hashtag will be drivey and still accelerate when conditions aren’t quite perfect. Medium entry rocker will help you get into waves early and the double concave that deepens through the fins will bring the board to life when being pushed from rail to rail.” – BoardShop

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Have you tried riding the Firewire Hashtag? What do you think about it?