Firewire Fishtail Review

What the Firewire site says about the Fishtail:

‘Taking its cue from some of the most innovative design thinking of the past and combining it with FUTURE SHAPES TECHNOLOGY, the FISHTAIL Series is a true hybrid with one design foot in the past and the other foot firmly planted in the future of surfboard materials. With thinner foils than the Kingfish, the FISHTAIL is 30% old and 70% new. Old is new and speed rules!’

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Image Source: Surfer Mag

Image Source: Surfer Mag

What people are saying about it:

The Firewire Fishtail Series Swallowtail is a true-to-form hybrid. With a past meets present approach combining a throw-back design with Future Shapes Technology (FST), a lightweight, strong and intuitively flexible construction that is more durable and ecologically sound than conventional polyurethane surfboards. Paddle-friendly, geared for carving quickness, speed, and available with FCS or Futures fin configurations, the Fishtail swallowtail is a multi-height wave magnet.” – BC Surf & Sport

I’ve rode it a lot while I was fixing the dings on my griffin. It’s been loaned to me and I’m not in a hurry to give it back…. lol!” – user goldenarmes on Surfer Mag

This board has tons of float, making it great on small summer swell or for someone coming off a minimal.” – Tim Osborne on Facebook

Not buoyant enough – can’t catch enough waves.” – user ON on Surf Science

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