Eye Symmetry The Rapture Review

What the Eye Symmetry site says about the The Rapture:

‘A rapid and responsive small wave short-board. The Rapture features a slight single concave which deepens towards the tail and transitions into a double concave to spiral vee and finally panel vee off the tail. The profile of The Rapture is very full and the wide rounded square tail creates a straight rail outline which generates a lot of speed. I shape beveled rails into this model to maintain volume throughout the centre of the board whilst also creating a more sensitive feeling from rail to rail transitions. The rocker is slight in the entry, finishing with a medium curve from the centre back to the tail, creating a board which is easy to catch waves but also maintains a high performance level. This board is designed for immediate speed from takeoff and is suited to down the line surfing.’

Image Source: Comparesurfboards.com

Image Source: Comparesurfboards.com

Image Source: Comparesurfboards.com

Image Source: Comparesurfboards.com

Paddle Power
Skill Level
21.7 – 40.5 LVolume
2-6ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“Quick and agile, The Rapture will have you up and going in no time in smaller surf. The Rapture is a performance oriented small wave surfboard by Eye Symmetry. You should get one :)” – Benny’s Boardroom

“The aptly named Rapture by Eye Symmetry brings a feeling of intense pleasure and joy to the surfer who attacks small waves with this wicked little high performance hybrid shortboard.” – Comparesurfboards.com

“The Rapture by Eye Symmetry is a small wave shortboard built for responsiveness and speed. Single into a double concave out through the tail combined with more volume through the centre of the board ensures you can control the pace you get on this board. The bevelled rails also help to give you a smoother rail to rail transition.” – Boardcave.com.au

Size Chart:

Here are videos we found of the Eye Symmetry The Rapture:

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