Emery Black Angel Review

What the Emery Surfboards site says about the Black Angel:

‘The modern shortboard. Smooth outline gives you good drive in the pocket. Combining a deep single concave with a gradual nose entry and medium tail kick gives it a heap of speed with the option of releasing the tail. Generous foam under your chest gets you more waves and makes it easy to land crazy airs and recover from full rail turns.

Designed to be ridden at your height.’

Image Source: Emery Surfboards

Image Source: Emery Surfboards

Image Source: Emery Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“The Black Angel is best for performance surfing. With generous foam under your chest you can get more waves and land airs and recover from full rail turns easier.” – Boardcave

“Nice board, well made, exactly the type of board I was after.” – user Nathan on Boardcave

“I am 13, I’m a keen surfer, and I’m looking at a 5-7 model of this board. I would really like a performance board and I’m wondering if this is a good one.” – user Jack Allen on Boardcave

“Great little board for a quick 2-5ft day great for punchy beachies.” – ‎Mark Arnold on Surfcoast Secondhand Surfboards

Size Chart:

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