DVS Hydro Hull Fish Review

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Image Source: Compare Surfboards

Image Source: Compare Surfboards

Image Source: Compare Surfboards

Image Source: Fluid Concept

What people are saying about it:

“A rate talent in an industry that often inadvertently gravitates towards homogeneity, Dick Van Straalen is a true waterman and the wizard behind DVS Surfboards. This beautiful craft, the DVS Hydro Hull Fish, is an exquisite sample of his work.” – Compare Surfboards

“Hey thanks for your breakdown on the hydro hull. I’ve just picked one up, a 5″9 twin keel Nd the first the thing I noticed was speed. Crazy speed. Your back foot has to do a LOT of work to get it to slow up and slinging through turns. I’m finding a close stance and drawn out turns are working well, baht definitely a blast to ride!” – user Will on Compare Surfboards

“These things eat up mushy pointbreaks and spit out stoke.” – user fxjake9 on Instagram

“A classic board! Old school!” – user luciana lana on YouTube

“Hi all, commented a year ago about this DVS. I’m 37 and no legend on a surf board, stand 5’11 and weigh 91 KG. My ‘go to’ hydro hull is 5’10ish but have ridden different DVS Fish from 5’7ish to 6’2ish and own quite a few now. Can’t really speak for everywhere else but where i surf there are more and more of these being ridden and for good reason. Once you get the handle on one of these they’re crazy.” – Peter Thomson on YouTube

“The deck would have no effect on ride bottom channels create the lift and light feel apparently. just like hydrofoil boats reduce drag by channeling air thru bottom. nice board.” – Keith Whiteley on YouTube

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Volumes and dimensions are by design since Dick Van Straalen shapes each board by hand.

Here is a video we found of the DVS Surfboards Hydro Hull Fish:

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