DMS Supercell Review

What the DMS Surfboards site say about the Supercell:

“The latest performance model release by DMS, the rail line is a touch fuller and softer than the ACTOR model. This rail is combined with a deeper concave, moved forward to allow for more down the line drive . Nose thickness has been refined a touch and combined with a slight increase in rocker.

Rocker: Medium to high nose entry with medium tail rocker
Rail: Soft medium rail works with forward concave
Concave: Forward single concave to double”

Image Source: Surfing Life

Image Source: Surfing Life

Image Source: Tracks Magazine

Image Source: Tracks Magazine

Image Source: DMS Surfboards Japan

Image Source: DMS Surfboards Japan

What people are saying about the Supercell:

“The thing I loved most about the DMS was that it allowed me to surf the way I wanted. I didn’t have to question it or nurse it. What makes it such an all-round board is the fact that it’s up to you how it goes, you’re the controller. If you’re keen for a high-energy shred, it has an innovative edge. If you want to stick to the face and drive through pocket gouges and more traditional forms of surfing, you can. It’s a winner for every calibre of surfer.” – Monty on Tracks Magazine

“I’ve had some Carbon Wrap boards before and, to me, it feels like the flex pattern seems to work best on shorter, whippier turns and snaps – this board was no different. For one- to three-foot waves, beach breaks especially, this board is absolutely perfect!” – Taj on Surfing Life

Size Chart:

Here are videos of the Supercell in action:

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