DHD Twin Fin Review

What the DHD Surfboards site says about the Twin Fin:

‘Lots of volume in the nose for floatation making it quicker for faster take off’s. Having a flatter bottom for increased speed and greater manoeuvrability than a short board. Ideal for surf around 1 to 3 foot surf.’







Image Source: DHD Surf

Image Source: DHD Surf

What people are saying about it:

“The DHD Twin Fin is a great summer twin that gives you a nice wider template for catching everything and giving you plenty of volume throughout the board. With an extra strong carbon tail, you can be sure you’re getting plenty of drive as well as hold on any of the bigger stuff.” – Boardcave.com

“We know everyone wants to be different. DHD knows everyone wants to be different, so they have created The Twin Fin.

DHD’s The Twin Fin is a board that reaches out to surfers of any skill level. The Twin Fin is an awesome board to learn on, but also suits the advanced surfer who is looking for a rad small wave board. The Twin Fin has a flatter bottom to increase speed and manoeuvrability, making it a super responsive and fun board.

Each board features a unique coloured re-enforced cloth under the glass, not one of these boards are the same!” – Natural Necessity

Size Chart:


Here are a couple of videos we found of the DHD Twin Fin:

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Have you tried riding the DHD Twin Fin? What do you think about it?