DHD MF Ducks Nuts Replica 2015 Review

What the DHD Surfboards site says about the MF Ducks Nuts Replica 2015:

‘This DHD ‘MF Ducks Nuts – Replica’ is the exact board Mick will have in his 2015 Quiver.You now have the opportunity to ride what a 3 x World Champion rides.

It has single to double concave thru the fins and heaps of drive.’






Image Source: DHD Surf

Image Source: DHD Surf

What people are saying about it:

“The MF 2015 Ducks Nuts Replica has been designed and refined by Darren and Mick over the years to really excel in clean, pumping surf. Great for driving and pushing through turns with nice release of its energy and smooth transitions from rail to rail. Surf like Mick does when its clean and pumping.” – Boardcave.com

“The Replica of the Mick Fanning Ducks Nuts is the same board that MF is going to be on the road with in 2015. This is your chance to order a board that a 3 times world champion rides daily. The Ducks Nuts Replica 2015 is a high performance short board, it has a single double concave under the board & has a heap of drive with the right set of fins. Keep in mind that these boards are shaped with ultra lite team blanks so they are lighter, more responsive & damage more easily, you can order this in a normal blank, made for the high performance surfer, a surfboard for the experienced guy looking to push his limits in the water.” – Tradewind Surf

“If you are looking for the best in performance why not ride what the best in the world are riding? The DHD Ducks Nuts MF Replica is the exact board that 3x World Champion Mick Fanning will have in his 2015 competition quiver.

The refined profile of the DHD Ducks Nuts MF Replica makes this board increadibly responsive. With its single to double concave will provide plenty of drive down the line and through turns, making the Ducks Nuts MF Replica the ultimate performance board and a must have for your quiver.” – Natural Necessity

Size Chart:


Here are Instagram pictures we found of the DHD MF Ducks Nuts Replica 2015:







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