DHD DX1 Round Tail Review

What the DHD site says about the DX1 Round Tail:

‘The DX1 JF is our number one selling shortboard, it caters for all conditions for the average to the advanced surfer.

This model runs a single concave all the way through that gets quite deep through the belly into the tail with a smooth plan shape combined with a smooth rocker and a tight super squash tail.’

Image source: dhdsurf.com

Image source: dhdsurf.com

What people are saying about it:

“The DX1 Round Tail is a refined version of the popular DX1 model. By popular demand Darren has added in a round tail to this board to give you a more connected feel to the wave face.

The DX1 Round Tail will suit all conditions and is best for those looking for a one board quiver that gives you plenty of hold in the barrel.” – Boardcave

“If you are looking to step up your shred game, this really gives you a nice balance of super charged, high performance arcs coupled with a forgiving amount of volume for those softer days. This model also has an amazing wave range, the type of board that will work in both local Vicco waves as well as Indo! The round tail will give you that little bit more hold and extend that rail line slightly, allowing you to keep that rail engaged for longer in bigger waves.” – Zak Surfboards

Size Chart:

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