Dead Kooks Nausea Review

What the Dead Kooks site says about the Nausea:

‘Designed with Lachlan Leckie, the mad genius behind Salty Merchants Fins and all-round shredder. The Nausea is a blend of old and new, a real wild beast. Narrow through the front, low hips to a tucked tail. Low entry rocker with aplenty of kick in the backend. Flat panel nose entry that rolls off the rail through the front 1/3 for speed and stability extending down the board into belly roll and a touch of V out the tail. This is my personal favourite model and go to daily whip. Very comfortable in tight hollow point waves and short beachies, loves to be surfed from all over the board. Loose and wild off the tail, fast through the middle and holds tight on the nose. Can be ridden from 9’0-10’2.’

Image Source: Dead Kooks

Image Source: Dead Kooks

Image Source: Dead Kooks

Image Source: Dead Kooks

Image Source: Dead Kooks

What people are saying about it:

“The Nausea from Dead Kooks is a blend of old and new. It looks like performance one trick pony, but this board does it all. It has a super low enter rocker with Small nose. It paddles with easy, maneuvers like crazy on the tail. The nose is unusually narrow but it still noserides insanely well like a super wide nose. So no worries you’ll get plenty of tip time with out that traditional huge nose that gets in the way of performance. You can surf it on any type of wave from Hollow, point breaks to mushy beach breaks. This board will be your go to favorite just like Eden.” – Hawaiian South Shore

“Paddles quickly and noserides well but turning is a little harder than my other logs. Seems to not want to project of turns. Could be my fin though.” – user OrangeDog on Jam Boards

“Sensational board.” – John Brasen on Facebook

“#sweetride” – Mitch Sanders on Facebook

“I don’t say this often, but this board is on point. Great job. @deadkooks” – user clutchgasgearsgone on Instagram

Size Chart:

Can be ridden from 9’0-10’2

No video found for this model
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Here are Instagram pictures we found of the Dead Kooks Nausea:


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