Dead Kooks Gravelpit Review

What the Dead Kooks site says about the Gravelpit:

‘The Gravelpit, inspired by the bouncy fun vibes of shaping to Wu-Tang, is a low rocker, high volume, flat deck shortboard. Wide point centered and carrying width through a little fuller nose and wide rounded diamond tail to keep a straighter outline through the middle and carry speed through fast wraps and rail to rail surfing. The width in the back end keeps it loose and the continuous curve of the outline helps it fit in critical sections. The flat deck carries foam throughout and allows it to be surfed rather short, the bottom has a soft single to Vee out the back to lift the rail line. Essentially a compact Shorts with some retro feel, built to be surfed with small fins, the Gravelpit is built to perform in waves up to head high. Best from 5’3-6’3.’

Image source:

Waves up to head highIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“I have been surfing for 35+ years. Been involved with surfboard manufacturing, ect.. #blah THIS IS MAYBE ONE OF THE BEST SURFBOARDS DESIGNS EVER!” – knuckles72 on Instagram

“I want this one.” – jaimiehigson on Instagram

Size guide:

Best from 5’3-6’3

Here is a video we found of the Dead Kooks Gravelpit:

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