Dead Kooks Glider Review

What the Dead Kooks site says about the Glider:

‘The Glider is exactly that, a board built for the joy of the glide, enjoying trim, smooth, fast lines and drawn out turns. A tucked nose and pintail with relatively straight rail line provides incredible speed and hold. A pinched rail most of the way to a soft down rail in the back end, the bottom is most flat with subtle roll and a touch of Vee in tail. The drive from 10 or more foot of rail locked on edge is immense as it projects down the line. Can be surfed from shin height to well overhead depending on your desires.’

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What people are saying about it:

“I want one.” – user madistraction on Instagram

“Looks rad.” – user nicoespi on Instagram

“You cannot afford to not own this board.” – user stephenwilliams2010 on Instagram

“How amazing is this board?” – user cassiejewell on Instagram

“Now that’s a sled.” – user johnnybeardo on Instagram

“That there is a beauty of a board.” – user travkat75 on Instagram

Size guide:

Available from 9’9-12’1.

No videos found for this model. See how other Dead Kooks surfboards perform HERE

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