Christenson The Ocean Pro Series Review

What the Christenson Surfboards site says about The Ocean Pro Series:

‘The Ocean Pro Series is our go to for our team and customers looking for a high performance board suited for good waves and big maneuvers. This series is one that is constantly evolving with a new version dropping every few months. They come standard as a squash tail but can be modified to have swallow, pin, or round tail.’


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What people are saying about it:

The round nose offers more paddling power to keep the board short as possible for performance. The step in the nose displaces the volume out of the wide plan shape to make the board lighter, more flexible, and more responsive. The dual marine ply fins offer drive and hold with positive buoyancy.” – Surf City Shop

A great all-around board, the Ocean Pro has a wide nose and lots of rocker nose to tail. The rocker is continual nose to tail keeping it slight to the eye. The continual rocker helps keep the board very responsive and the wider nose offers great paddling power.” –

An all around multi board. From nose to tail, moderately locker, got quick reactions to produce, paddle to stabilize wide nose area, easy access to the waves.” –

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