Christenson Submariner Review

What the Christenson Surfboards site says about the Submariner:

‘The Flat Tracker was designed to trim at high speeds yet be maneuverable and release from the tail. Based on early to mid seventies design this model likes the pocket and is a great small to medium wave barrel hunter. A great board for someone looking for a one-board solution for tripping up and down the California coast.’


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What people are saying about it:

Rad!” – Nate Benedetto on Facebook

I love it. Classic wave killer.” – Longboard House Surf Shop – Facebook

The Submariner is a beautifully crafted, flat-rockered planing hull – built for effortless cruising and smooth transitions.” – Down The Line Surf

This displacement hull has a very low rocker for effortless drive and trim. The bottom is complex, featuring convex and concave planing surfaces that transition together smoothly. Stringerless to allow the board to load and spring.” – Sumally

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