Christenson Kevin Bacon Review

What the Christenson Surfboards site says about the Kevin Bacon:

‘Sterling Spencer is a multifaceted talent that can be hard to nail down to just one category. The same can be said of his model, the Kevin Bacon. In many ways it is a high performance shred stick but upon further inspection you find traces of hints of boards that came before it. It features a relaxed rocker with a wider double bump swallowtail mixed with the foil of a modern thruster. It can be ordered as a thruster, quad, or 5-fin option for experimentation.’


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What people are saying about it:

“Chris builds and Jon is the man that ensures the ship is ran tight. Have bought 3 boards in 6 mo and they’re all keepers! Gerr Model, Scrambler with a side of Kevin Bacon! I’m sure I’ll be adding more. Thanks guys!” – user Jonny R. on Yelp

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