Christenson Cafe Racer Review

What the Christenson Surfboards site says about the Cafe Racer:

‘This model was designed to perform like a fish but offer more performance and a tighter radius on rail eliminating the sticky feel backside that most fish designs have. I recommend this board as a quad. A five fin option is available to have the option of riding this board as a quad or a thruster. This is also a great board for a novice trying to transition from a long board to a short board. I don’t recommend this board in overhead surf.’


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Image Source: Surfer Mag

Image Source: Surfer Mag

What people are saying about it:

I love this board. It is flat, fat and fast but the round tail with the 50/50 rears of the Rasta set give it hold in the larger waves that we’ve had (rarely) since I got it. It is perfect for slopey and soft N. County waves, but it has also passed the walled George’s test as well. This is the first time that I’ve gone up in volume in a couple years, and I really was missing it.” – user ifallalot on Mushy Closeouts

This Surfboard performs like a fish with a tighter radius on the rail and offers more performance. This is also a perfect board for a beginner ready to transition over from a longboard to a short board.” – Maine Surfers Union

Great board for around head high and under.” –

Surfed twice, paddles like a fish or much bigger board, but goes much more vertical in the pocket, turns smoother and is faster rail to rail.” – Los Angeles City Information

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