Chilli Toucan Review

What the Chilli Surfboards site says about the Toucan:

‘The Toucan is a redefined version of the Birds Eye. This year, we’ve added a rolled deck for easy rail to rail surfing. Dropping 2”-3” in length from your regular shortie, allows you to make up the volume in width and thickness, creating your new summer board. By pulling the wide point of the board up under your chest, we have given you a platform to push off and generate speed. Combining the new rail with a single to double concave and squash tail lets you jam your back foot, creating a fast, more fluid ride.’






mage Source: Chilli Surfboards

Image Source: Chilli Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“Hi, I have just returned from a trip to the Maldives where my Chilli Toucan went really well. I’m now planning on using it in the UK summer but feel a quad might be better for this than a thruster.” – User Ben Williams on

“Everyday performance surfing the Toucan by Chilli Surfboards is designed as an all round performer. The wide point of the board sits below your chest for an easier paddle and off the mark speed. This extra surface area under your front foot makes the board really fast to fly over sections.” –

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