Chilli Nevada Review

What the Chilli Surfboards site says about the Nevada:

‘Our latest creation for high performance shortboard with two size breaks. We wanted to create something from the Spawn (our current high performance shortboard) that is an easy transition from your small wave boards, catches waves easy, carries through dead sections and does all that with performance and ease.

This model has volume distributed throughout the whole board nose to tail (where as the Spawn has the majority in the centre). A new simple neat feeling rail allows carving to be easy and forgiving. Round square tail giving you a little bit of area (as apposed to the narrower squash tail) and the rocker starts off a little flatter in the top third (speed) gradually builds through the middle and continues steadily out the tail giving you performance in the steep sections. Concave was a major player in testing this board. It starts under the chest medium depth and through out the tail it shallows out giving you a release when needed through turns.’

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What people are saying about it:

“…the Nevada is a round square-tailed shortboard for intermediate to pro skill level, which works best in the zero to four feet range.” – Stab Magazine

“The Nevada by Chilli Surfboards has been developed as a refined version of the popular Chilli Spawn. The Nevada has more spread out volume from nose to tail with a wider rounded square tail. A slightly flatter rocker combined with neat simple rails allows you to get extra paddle power and still be able to put your board on its rail.

The Chilli Nevada is is your everyday go to shortboard that can handle less than ideal days and step up when the waves get going.” – Boardcave

“The Nevada has been designed to be an easy board to transition onto from your small wave shorter/wider boards. Described as a somewhat forgiving high performance shape, this model catches waves easily, carries through dead sections with a very positive and responsive feel through turns. What’s more the Nevada does all this with a great balance of performance and flow.

The key to this optimal balance of performance and easy surfing flow is the distribution of foam. A touch of extra volume has been strategically distributed throughout the whole board, nose to tail. James ‘Chilli’ Cheal has developed an new neat and simple feeling rail shape that allows for clean and easy carving while still retaining a distinctly performance feel. A rounded square tail shape has been used on this model with a touch more area for motor in mushier conditions, but still tidy enough to retain authority and control through critical manoeuvres. The rocker of the Nevada starts off a little flatter in the top third of the board for speed, gradually increasing through the middle of the board and continues steadily out the tail – again giving you a great balance of looseness and performance in the steeper sections.

The concave in this model has been finely tuned though a solid amount of testing with Chilli‘s stable of team riders. It starts under the chest medium depth and gradually shallows through-out the tail, giving you heaps of speed off the front foot and the perfect amount of release off the back foot through turns.” – Zak Surfboards

“Offering ultimate paddle power with minimal effort, this lean, mean surfing machine from Chilli surf is an addictive ride thanks to its high-tech features and easy yet ergonomic qualities. Designed for fast drive and effortless movability, the Nevada has been shaped with a flat entry rocker and single concave build. Ideal for stepping up your game when the surf is anything but perfect, this daily essential is made for 2-6 ft sets.” – Tradewind Surf

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