Chemistry Disk 2 Review

What the Chemistry Surfboards site says about the Disk 2:

‘The Disk 2 is based off the original Disk with high performance and retro additions. We took the successful Disk outline and narrowed the nose to enhance its maneuverability and added a beak to the nose for a little retro flair. With a flat deck and down rails this model paddles into the small stuff is easy. The slight single to double concave bottom helps this model accelerate and maneuver rail to rail with ease. This model comes equipped with a five-fin setup so it can be ridden as a quad or a thruster.’

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“This Chemistry looks fun to ride. I wish I could have saw this at camp shred.” – Rafael Pires on YouTube

“The Disk 2 is perfect for smaller to good sized waves…knee high to overhead. Keeping its retro feel but tweaked for ore performance, this board will have you drawing new lines.” – Boardcave

“The Disk 2 stays thick throughout the entire length. The nose has a really interesting “beak” on it, because it’s so thick. Really low rocker on the nose and tail. You can probably surf this board a few inches shorter than a normal shortboard, because of how much planing surface is active. The elliptical tail outline gives it a nice smooth feeling when connecting turns, without a lot of release.” – Ho Stevie

“Love my disk 2!” – user graysongilbert on Instagram

“Best shape I’ve gotten!” – Cara Sammartino on Facebook

Size Chart:

Here is a video we found of the Chemistry Surfboards Disk 2:

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